Concrete Services

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Why Choose Our Concrete Service Team?

Through our innovative approach and great customer relations, we have won the hearts of the people we served in Colorado. We may have the best equipment, high-quality materials, and highly-skilled team members but it is the trust of our clients that helped us propel our business forward.

Not only that our staff is highly experienced in providing the best concrete services, but we also make sure that they know how to talk to our clients. Each member of our team has been with us for years.

Our Process & Additional Services

Site Preparation

Our company handles site prep in different ways. Apart from excavation and backfill, we clear away vegetation and rocks on the ground. Then, we compact the ground and level it.


Formwork refers to the creation of a temporary or permanent form or template where the concrete is poured to form the shape, texture, or design. The form or template is usually made of plastic, wood, or metal.


After prepping the site and completing the formwork, the concrete will be poured into the templates. Using our tools, the contractors make sure that concrete takes of the template perfectly.


At this stage, the poured concrete in the mold needs to be compacted to remove all the air pockets. For the final touch, embellishments like details and colors are added to make it eye-catching.

Concrete Leveling

Water intrusion and poor construction are the main culprits of sinking concrete. Luckily, concrete leveling and repair are two of our main services.

Concrete Cleaning and Sealing Service

Concrete cleaning and sealing lengthen the life of the concrete structure. Grimes, oils, molds, and salts will not stand a chance against our high-powered pressure washers, but the work does not end there.

Concrete Repairs & Pours

Outdoor concrete structures are exposed to the elements. Unfortunately, the water that comes from the rain or snow could seep into the tiny cracks in a concrete slab.

Designing Decorative Concrete Flatwork

Bulldog Aspen is dedicated to serving its customers. From inquiries to after-sales, our concrete company boasts more than two decade’s worth of experience in concrete flatwork installs and repairs, maintaining a high standard in Colorado.

Aside from building concrete structures, we also strive to build a good relationship with our clients, vendors, or our employees.

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