Excavation Services

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How is Excavation Service Cost Calculated?

Prices fluctuate depending on where you live, but the cost of an excavation project is generally determined by the number of cubic yards of dirt a contractor will need to move. The rate will vary depending on factors like the type of terrain being excavated and the particular contractor, but pricing is typically set based on the costs of labor and machine operation.

On average, the price of a small machine and operator is $125 per hour, while a midsize machine and operator will cost around $200 hourly. Trucking in the necessary equipment costs an average of $90 per hour, and labor averages $55 per hour.


Water Line Repair

If your water line needs fixed, you need a water main repair and installation service with specialized experience. Colonial Excavation provides commercial and home water line repair and installation services throughout the Capital District, including Saratoga Springs, Latham and Colonie.


Whether you are building new or renovating an existing commercial or residential property in the Capital District, get the right start with Bulldog Aspen.

Sewer Repair and Installation

Upstate Aspen’s cold winters mean settling, freezing and soil shifting can cause severe damage to sewer and water lines, creating costly headaches when left unaddressed.

Septic Repair and Installation

Septic lines, tanks and leaching fields can suffer many of the same damages that sewer lines can – except a broken septic system, if left unattended, can wreak havoc throughout your property and structure.

Commercial and Residential Land Grading

A poorly graded lot can lead to problems with drainage, building integrity and personal safety. Bulldog Aspen provides comprehensive residential and commercial grading services that assure your property will stay well-drained and safe.

Commercial and Residential Lot Clearing and Site Prep

Bulldog Aspen provides complete lot clearing and site prep services to homes and businesses from Saratoga Springs and Ballston Spa to Clifton Park, Colonie and throughout the Capital District.

Drainage and Dry Well Solutions

When water buildup and flooding is creating problems on your property, contact Bulldog Aspen for expertly planned drainage solutions such as French drains.


Plant grass quickly on cleared land with hydroseeding services from Bulldog Aspen. We offer hydroseeding to residential and commercial lots throughout Ballston Spa, Clifton Park, Colonie, Saratoga Springs and the rest of the Capital District.

Excavating and Site Work

When the foundation of your large exterior project requires a professional excavation contractor that has the equipment and experience to get the job done right the first time, you need Bulldog Aspen.

As the premier excavating contractor in the Capital Region, Michael J. Anusesky and his local team of professionals provide a wide range of services, including foundation excavation and commercial and residential lot clearing, septic system installation, sewer and water line repair, sewer and water line install, and more.

Bulldog Aspen is a locally owned and operated business that is invested in the Capital Region. We service the entire area, from Albany and Schenectady to Latham, Clifton Park and Saratoga Springs.

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